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During the pandemic, there was a turning point in Haifa’s life journey as she felt an urge to also make children feel safe during this challenging time. She started with a small project where she delivered short and child-friendly meditations for children in English, Arabic and German. Then, she was inspired to start a new project for children to explain their immune system to them in a very simple and loving way, where she combined the fact of science with the depth of mindfulness. She expanded this idea to create ‘Healing Oasis Kids’ together with Wasila Al-Dubai to produce unique courses for children, to support them in maintaining their natural connection with themselves throughout their whole lives.


Our children are the future adults who will be facing tremendous challenges, such as global warming and all its consequences on every living form on our planet. Our responsibility is to provide our children with the tools of ancient wisdom and knowledge of modern science, enabling them to trust themselves whilst facing any challenges throughout their lives. 

The concept of our online courses is to offer parents a unique activity to do with their children at home either on rainy days or when you are motivated to try out new things. This helps parents and children spend more time together, letting them to grow as a family and it gives all involved a chance to flourish personally.  

Healingoasiskids Ltd. strongly believes in helping children in need, therefore 5% of its profits will be donated to the Hilfsorganisation Help Yemen. If you are interested in helping children in Yemen, please follow the facebook page

Hilfsorganisation Help Yemen.

Healing Oasis Kids - Founder Short Bios

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Dr Haifa Al-Dubai

Founder of Healing Oasis Kids
PhD Microbiology and Genetics
Alternative therapist: Transformational breath® facilitator and leader, EFT or Tapping Practitioner, Pranic and Cellular Healer, Theta healer and instructor, Spiritual Healer (National Federation of Spiritual Healing),

After a long journey working in the fascinating realm of scientific research at the University of Vienna, Haifa chose to pursue her own path in self-development and holistic therapies.


With her deep understanding in science and various energy healing modalities, she bridges the gap between the physical body, the emotional consciousness and the spiritual world.


Her goal is to help children find their sense of inner calmness and safety that is often lacking in our noisy and chaotic world. Finding this balance and inner stability allows them to flourish physically, emotional and mentally.

Wasila Al-Dubai

Co-Founder of Healing Oasis Kids
Certified Kids Yoga Teacher Training (Peacefulbabes)
Diploma in Yoga Trainer (Fab Academy, Fabulous Body Inc, California,US), Bachelor of Arts in Multilingual Communication (English-Spanish-German)

Wasila has been working with children in different countries since 2003 and she took part in different roles such as a school assistant-teacher in Peru, kindergarten educator and children summer camp instructor in Austria. Within her experiences with kids besides being a mother, she is able to understand and connect with children from different cultures.


She believes strongly that learning about meditation and physical movements is an important resource to preserve peace and balance within kids’ body, mind and heart, thus enabling them to be the person they really want to be.


Mission and Values


 To play a part in creating a world where every child on this diverse planet can achieve inner peace and greater contentment in their lives.

To provide children with an everlasting ability to develop their resilience and strengthen their health, alongside calming their minds in today's loud and busy world.  


 Our values stem from the belief that every child on this earth is unique in their greatness and is part of the greater whole.

Collaboration, compassion and inclusion help us work together to support our children to reach their full potential so that they can achieve their goals and ambitions with ease.  

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