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General Questions

  • How can children benefit from practicing mindfulness meditation?
    Mindfulness meditation improves their mental and emotional development, and it helps children build their self-confidence. Statistics: National, Harvard Health Publishing
  • What should parents consider before, during and after the meditation, yoga and physical movement of each course?"
    As parents, you take full responsibility for all the meditation practices, physical movement and breathing sessions offered in these courses. If your child has any medical or physical issues, please consult your paediatrician before starting the course. Each meditation course has a special document with important information included for parents to read in advance. Do not miss this important information document, ,
  • How do you instil a desire in your child to take up meditation or yoga?
    The meditation sessions can be used as a bedtime story. Try out the free meditation session on the website to inspire an interest in your children at first. You can encourage your child to invite a friend or a family relative to practice with them. Use their natural development of “show-off” behaviour to plant the first seeds of mindful learning and fitness in your child's abilities.
  • Can children with special needs join the courses?
    All children are welcome to join our courses however, in this case please seek advice from your child's paediatrician before starting any course with us.
  • How do children benefit from practicing breathing exercises?
    Deep slow breathing helps children organise their thoughts, calm their anger, and reduce their anxiety. Breathing rhythmically helps children considerably reduce any stammering by providing strength to their speech organs like their lungs, tongue, trachea, lips and jaw. Statistics: US National Library of Medicine, Society for Research in Child Development
  • How many times can I view my course?
    Every course is available for online streaming on your account only for one year.
  • What do I need to know before starting to stream the course?
    We highly recommend only online streaming two sessions of your choice at first e.g. one meditation session and one physical movement session, before online streaming any other course sessions. We encourage this due to our no Refund Policy for anyone that has already online streamed more than two sessions of the course.
  • Do I need an internet connection to view the sessions?
    Yes, the courses will be streamed directly from your account, if your internet speed is at least 350 kbps.
  • What if the course did not meet with my expectations?
    You have 14 days after the day you receive your course to change your mind and ask for a refund and providing you have not online streamed more than the first two sessions of the course for which you are seeking a refund. If you have streamed three sessions or it has been more than 14 days after your purchase, you will not be able to receive a refund. Please read our Refund Policy in the terms and conditions page on our website.

To make you feel more at ease and more aware of what we do, we have prepared the most frequently asked questions about our courses and how we teach them to children. We want to help you out by answering those questions. If your question is not on the list, please contact us at 

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