General Questions

My concerns are just a natural part of life, and they’re not big enough to warrant therapy for anxiety.

Because our culture puts so many unrealistic expectations on all of us to produce and conform, it can be easy to think that anxiety is just a natural part of life that we have to deal with. But the unreasonable expectations created by others are their problem—not yours! You have every right to find relief from daily symptoms of anxiety. Our therapists can help you to achieve your most authentic life possible—free of worry and fear of rejection.

I’m worried that you’re going to either deter me from or pressure me into taking medication for anxiety.

At West Houston Psychology, every single part of the therapeutic process is collaborative and tailormade. That means we will always honor your wishes and never pressure you into or discourage you from taking medication. If you believe that medication is an intervention you need, we are prepared to make appropriate referrals. However, we also know from research that therapy is the most effective intervention when it comes to treating anxiety and that medication is more effective when paired with counseling. 2

I’m concerned about the cost of anxiety treatment.

We are invested in providing accessible, affordable care to our clients and are partnered with insurance providers who can help offset the cost of therapy. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna insurance plans and can offer sliding scale rates for certain clinicians. Please contact us to learn more and let us know what we can do to make therapy more accessible to you.

To make you feel more at ease and more aware of what we do, we have prepared the most frequently asked questions about our courses and how we teach them to children. We want to help you out by answering those questions. If your question is not on the list, please contact us at info@healingoasiskids.com