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Our Children's Courses

Healing Oasis Kids’ courses are:

  • designed for children from age six through to adolescence

  • tailored to help improve children's knowledge of scientific topics alongside their physical and emotional well-being

  • a great asset to help understand and memorise difficult scientific information and topics in an easy and enjoyable way

  • equipped with 5-6 minutes, peaceful and loving meditations narrating different stories from the biological world

  • supported by 8-9 minutes fun physical movement, dance and yoga sessions enacting the contents of the course topics

  • enriched by 4-5 minutes breathing sessions

  • for children to assist in developing clear and focused minds and to help children connect with their inner calm

  • entertaining for bored children and support overwhelmed parents

Healthy Recipes
Healthy Immune System
Immune System
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Easy Recipes For Kids

Our courses engage all of your child’s five senses to help them master the key scientific terms from the meditation and the physical movement sessions.

Children will not only see, feel and listen to the content of the course, they can taste and smell meals that are named after the most important concepts of the course. Each course will have its customised meals for you to cook with your child. The easy recipes for kids are all free. Please subscribe to the playlist channel on YouTube to follow up on our easy recipes.

Free Recipes
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Upcoming Courses

   If you would like your child to learn more about their biology through these unique learning techniques, stay tuned for courses we are releasing. You can subscribe to our social media pages or sign up to receive emails about our services. We are flexible and open to create further courses according to your child's needs. Therefore feel free to share with us any ideas for our upcoming courses to adjust our services to further benefit your child.   

Free Meditation
Free Meditation

Free Meditation

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