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Our Solar System Course
for Children from the Age of 6 to 12 Years Old

Through the peaceful meditations included in this course, your child will learn facts about our solar system. This will allow them to master important information, such as the number of the planets and their properties, differences between a planet and a star, explanation of our solar system, galaxy, universe and much more.


This course helps to raise your child’s awareness of how our planet earth is designed to be the perfect home for us. Not to mention the feeling of relaxation, reassurance, having fun whiles learning  and awaking of interest. 



In our solar system course, your child will be guided safely through:

  • eleven meditation sessions and each one lasts for almost ten minutes

  • your child will visit a different planet in our solar system in every session and then come back safely to our glorious home planet- Earth

  • short but informative meditations are designed in a form of a story to enable children digest the information more easily 

This course helps to:

  • create awareness for taking care of our home planet Earth  

  • knowing the importance of other planets to our Earth

  • encourage creativity and curiosity to learn more

  • learn about nature in an ease and interesting way

  • have fun whilst learning 

By choosing this course your child will understand and learn connection of the solar system, galaxy and universe in a loving and caring storytelling style

Each session is an eye-opener to realise that our home planet Earth has the perfect conditions for us to live in.