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Healthy Immune System

Our Strong Immune System course teaches children how the body works to keep them fit and healthy through a series of meditations, yoga dance and breathing exercises.


This course is designed to help children feel relaxed, refreshed and enlightened.


In this immune system course, your child will be guided safely through:

  • five meditation sessions for five minutes and five yoga dance sessions for 8-9 minutes

  • in a very loving and caring way we explain how the immune system functions and maintains the body’s strength and health

  • short but informative meditations are designed in a form of a story to enable children digest the information more easily

  • one 5-minute breathing session to help children feel relaxed and more at peace

  • fun yoga dance movements and postures which are designed to strengthen the immune system

"From the moment a single cell divides, movement is a part of our lives. Movement is our first language and means of communication. It is a powerful means of expressing needs, desires, feelings and thoughts throughout life” Facilitating Well-Being in Infants Using Dance-Movement Therapy, by Erika Wagenius 1998, American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)."

By choosing this course your child will understand and learn in more depth the benefits of their immune system and how they can keep their body strong and healthy.