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What We Do

Healing Oasis Kids provides unique online courses for children from the ages of six through to adolescence. These courses are based on scientific topics, mindfulness, physical movement and breath work. This innovative combination of our methods helps children:

  • to become more focused, balanced and healthy

  • to improve their emotional resilience, creativity and receptivity to learn

  • to develop better coping mechanisms for anxiety and stressful situations

  • to calm their nervous system and boost their intellectual development.

Kids Online Courses

Healing Oasis Kids

Healing Oasis Kids

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Healing Oasis Kids online courses are designed to assist children with:

  • expanding their understanding by making complicated scientific information easy and digestible, through enjoyable meditations, joyful physical movements and breath work

  • the combination of their powerful conscious and subconscious mind

  • making learning easier and more fun, as knowledge becomes clear and handy to use in their daily life

  • supporting their long-term memory

  • fostering vital learning abilities and their creativity

  • exploring their fascinating body, magnificent abilities and the world around them through our colourful and diverse courses

  • caring for their emotional resilience, health and wellbeing

Our Methods


Our reassuring and loving meditations are created to:

  • support subconscious learning which is more profound than conscious learning

  • explain to children the science behind their bodies and the world around them in a simple, thoughtful and caring way

  • assist children in subconsciously taking in and easily digesting new information

  • help children relax when learning

  • allow your children to feel safe and connected to their bodies and minds

Happy Little Girl

Physical Movement

Our engaging and healthy physical movement sessions are developed to:

  • support conscious learning through tailored body movements

  • correspond with the narrated meditations to combine the conscious and subconscious mind in the learning process

  • embody the scientific information described in the meditations through joyful body movements

  • deepen the children’s understanding of the new information that they were introduced to in the narrated meditations 

  • keep their bodies healthy and strong

  • have fun, improve their mood and increase their self-confidence


Our relaxing and calming breathing sessions help to:​

  • deepen the breath which sends signals to the brain that the surrounding environment is safe

  • feel secure and calm significant emotions such as anxiety and anger

  • decrease stress, hyperactivity and over-stimulation which improves their sleep, memory and clarity when thinking     

Children Embracing in Circle

Words from Happy Parents

All Parents I highly recommed this children program. My dauhghters are truley loving these meditations, yoga dance and the following recipes. They both fall asleep so quickly and they both keep asking me to hear more meditations. The scientifc information about the immune system is explained in such a simple and peaceful way, it is absolutley amazing, it is a WIN WIN WIN from here. Big shout to Healing Oasis Kids. 

Dipa, UK

Virtual Meditation


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